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Kio is an open-source project, so let’s expand the community together, making it more and more open and friendly. We’re waiting for everyone to join the community and contribute Kio. Feel free to do it, we are always happy to see you!

Kio is at the stage of active development and growth now, so any contribution will help us a lot.

Here is a list what you can to do for the project:

🐞 Find and report a bug
🌱 Suggest a new feature
We are tracking all bugs and suggestions on GitHub, please go to the Issues section and submit a new one.
🔣 Contribute code
🔍 Help with review
📄 Improve the      documentation
Feel free to submit a new pull request with any fixes and improvements that you consider appropriate. Also, you can take part in a code review of currently existing requests.
👥 Support users Check the latest issues which are labeled as a question or reply to possible questions on StackOverflow.
📢 Put in a good      word for Kio You can organize or attend a meetup or submit a new post to our blog.