Custom state store providers for Apache Spark

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Custom state store providers for Apache Spark

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There are some classes in this repository what implementing the state store functionality to keep data between micro-batches for stateful structured streaming processing using Apache Spark.


Out of the box, Apache Spark has only one implementation of state store providers. It’s HDFSBackedStateStoreProvider which stores all of the data in memory, what is a very memory consuming approach. To avoid OutOfMemory errors this repository and custom state store providers were created.


To use the custom state store provider for your pipelines use the following additional configuration for the submit script:

--conf spark.sql.streaming.stateStore.providerClass="ru.chermenin.spark.sql.execution.streaming.state.RocksDbStateStoreProvider"

Here is some more information about it:


You’re welcome to submit pull requests with any changes for this repository at any time. I’ll be very glad to see any contributions.


The standard Apache 2.0 license is used for this project.